Adopt a Spot

About the Program

City of Concord Parks and Recreation Department is proud to offer the Adopt-A-Spot Program to its citizens. Through this program, we can all work together to keep Concord beautiful. When a group or individual adopts a spot they agree to maintain the "spot" by picking up litter, weeding, mowing, and trimming. Additionally, participants can but are not required to plant flowers and paint when applicable. Once an area has been adopted we will place a sign on the area to highlight the person/group who is maintain the area.

Suggestions for your Adopt A Spot Area:
* Give it lots of LOVE
* Plant flowers (drought hardy and native plants are recommended)
* Install bark mulch annually (we recommend 2 - 3 inches to help reduce weeds and keep moisture in soil)
* Remove weeds
* Mow/trim
* Pick Up Trash
* We recommend giving your area a little extra TLC each Spring and again in late Fall.

Please do not do any of the following in you area:
* Install plants that will grow over 4 feet tall
* Plant non native plants
* Plant or Prune Trees (please talk with us if your are interested)
* Use any type of pesticides
* Install lights or reflective materials
* No private signs are allowed
* Install irrigation systems

Please contact Parks and Recreation Director, David Gill at if you are interested. To finalize adopting the spot, you will need to fill out the General Release Form (PDF) and Agreement Form (PDF) and return them to:

City of Concord Parks and Recreation Department
Adopt A Spot Program
14 Canterbury Road
Concord, NH 03301

Our goal is to work with local volunteers to help beautify areas around the city.

Adopt a Spot