Hello STEAMers!

The library is now hosting virtual STEAM events. Please visit our online events calendar to learn about upcoming virtual events.

We also post some of the best experiments from past STEAM events below, and this webpage will be updated each month to include new ones. We always emphasize low-cost experiments with easy-to-get ingredients and supplies. We would love to hear from you about successes, failures, ooooh’s, aaah’s, and any suggestions! Please remember, YOU are the ones who can make this program a blast! Thank you, and STEAM ON!

Instructions for Experiments

  1. NEW - Magic Milk and Marbled Paper (PDF)
  2. NEW - Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk (PDF)
  3. NEW - Colorful Pasta for Crafts (PDF)
  4. NEW - Coffee Filter Art (PDF)
  5. STEAM Peeps (PDF)
  6. Build a Paddle Boat (PDF)
  7. Hydraulic Butterflies (PDF)
  8. STEAM Goes to the Moon (PDF)
  9. Color On! (PDF)
  10. Glow in the Dark (PDF)
  11. Incredible Edible STEAM (PDF)
  12. Recycled Crafts STEAM (PDF)
  13. Spooktacular Halloween (PDF)
  14. Eggstravaganza STEAM (PDF)
  15. Dusting for Fingerprints (PDF)
  16. Melted Crayon Art (PDF)
  17. Harry Potter STEAM (PDF)
  18. Balance Magic (PDF)
  19. Bubblemania (PDF)
  20. Feel The Vibrations (PDF)
  21. Stomp Rockets (PDF)
  22. Volcanoes Rock (PDF)
  23. Edible Science For A Hot Summer Day (PDF)
  24. Electric Steam (PDF)
  25. Explosions! (PDF)
  26. This Is Eggstraordinary (PDF)
  27. Robotics (PDF)
  28. Storms (PDF)