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Paving Plan
The City of Concord values the safety and quality of our roads. The roads chosen for repair are prioritized in regard to road condition, location, prior investment, and funding. The City has a proposed plan for street maintenance for 2014-2023. The best method for road maintenance is to carry out the paving process of a road/street through its life cycle with the available funding to get the full value of the investment. Recent investments have been in major streets that receive heavier traffic and in the construction of new roadways. All requests for service are reviewed and any immediate safety concerns are addressed. Requests and thoughts are shared with City Council to determine funding availability.

Road Cold Planing

Paving Process

A typical road has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. Different methods of maintenance and repair are taken throughout a road’s life cycle to make needed repairs. A typical life cycle of a road/street is as follows:

1. Reclamation
Pavement reclamation is the process of rebuilding a road by recycling the existing asphalt. The road is broken up and mixed with existing base material. The product is compacted to create a stronger base and three inches of new pavement is placed on the new base.

2. Shim Overlay
About 5-10 years later, another inch of asphalt is laid over the existing paved surface. This additional layer strengthens the initial three inches of pavement to extend the life of the road.

3. Crack Sealing
Another 5-10 years later, as the road starts to depreciate, the road may begin to crack. A more cost-effective way to maintain the lifespan of the road is to fill the cracks with hot asphalt to prevent water from filtering through the road and creating further damage.

4. Cold Planing
5-10 years after that, Cold Planing can be done as a process to remove paved areas if necessary. Asphalt milling can remove some or all of the existing pavement to be taken off-site to be recycled for future paving projects. The road is then shimmed with a layer of pavement to fill any ruts that may have developed. Once the shimming has been completed, another 1.5 inches of pavement is added to maintain the strength of the road for the final 10 years of its life cycle.

Fixing a road can be a long process, however it will last longer with the more work we put into its maintenance.

Looking Forward

With the funding for the final phase of the Route 3 North Street Rehabilitation Project now in place, the City Council will now focus funding on the local neighborhood streets that are in need of repair. At the same time, the City Council will determine how to best augment existing funding with new sources to increase the number of road miles repaved each year. Concord General Services is actively engaged in developing that plan.

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